Squirrel Removal Near Me

Hearing scratches, scrapes, and gnawing in your ceiling, attics, walls, and crawl spaces? Smelling unexplained urine or feces? Do you swear there are more squirrels around your house than normal? You, my friend, may have a squirrel problem. If you are looking for squirrel removal near me, squirrel removal MA or squirrel removal NH, then look no further than BestWay Wildlife Control. We offer top-notch squirrel control services as well as flying squirrel removal! BestWay Wildlife Control is licensed and insured for squirrel removal as well as squirrel control. We operate in MA with a Problem Animal Control license, and in NH as a licensed Wildlife Control Operator.

We are committed to our clients. When you choose to work with us for squirrel control and “squirrel removal near me”, you will get our threefold services:

  1. Removal. Flying squirrel removal and squirrel control are guaranteed to happen in the safest way, minimizing harm to the animal.
  2. Education. We will help you understand the source of your squirrel problem. After that, we can seal entry points.
  3. A job that’s done right the first time. Your squirrel removal or flying squirrel removal will be done right the first time.

Don’t just get any company who offers “squirrel removal near me” (squirrel removal MA as well as squirrel removal NH). Get BestWay Wildlife Control. We are humane, ethical, and dependable and offer 24-hour emergency services. Call today!

Chuck and crew have gone above and beyond to help me feel comfortable in my home again. Very responsive and knowledgeable. I highly recommend BestWay Wildlife.

Squirrel Control

Although squirrels may seem cute and harmless, squirrels in your house can be a serious problem. Squirrel control is very important throughout commercial and residential areas as these rodents can take quickly to damaging important building structures in your attic and walls. One important facet to squirrel control is, first and foremost, identifying that you are in need of squirrel control in the first place. Do you know the signs of squirrels in your residence? Here are some things you should look out for:

One thing a wildlife control company knows is that squirrels love to chew. Do you see holes in your roof, vents, siding, or on beams in your attic? You probably have a squirrel control problem.

Another sign that you are in need of our help is if you spot squirrels fighting on your property or in your neighborhood, as well as scurrying on telephone lines, roofs, or fences. Pest control will need to be swift, as fighting squirrels are a sure sign of overpopulation in that area.

Are you hearing scurrying, chewing, or scratching from your attic, walls, or crawl spaces, typically in the morning or evening? This could be a sign of infestation.

If you spot droppings or smell urine in your abode, you will surely be in need of serious help. This means that squirrels are using your home or company as a nest.

If you have spotted any of these telltale signs, it’s time to call the best in “squirrel removal near me”. There is only one way to handle squirrel removal MA/squirrel removal NH and that’s the BestWay!

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Squirrel Removal MA

Squirrels are a nightmare when they get into your home. They will chew through your entire house if left unchecked.  Because squirrels are so detrimental to building structures, we understand why you would be frustrated at their presence. Before taking matters into your own hands, however, know that there are wildlife laws and welfare laws that could cost you a potential fine. For example, it is important to note that in Massachusetts, killing a squirrel must be done in a humane manner, or you can be fined. Leave squirrel control to the professionals. BestWay Wildlife Control is here to make sure your squirrel removal MA (and squirrel removal NH) is humane, ethical, and dependable.

In need of squirrel removal in MA? BestWay Wildlife Control is happy to help you with squirrel removal MA and squirrel removal NH, can help in the following communities:

  • Lawrence, MA
  • Lowell, MA
  • Andover, MA
  • Newburyport, MA
  • Haverhill, MA

Squirrel Removal NH

While there are no legal structures stopping you from getting squirrels off of your property in New Hampshire, you still shouldn’t do it on yourself. Leave rodent removal to the professionals.  Let us help you with your squirrel infestation. Whether it’s commercial or residential, BestWay can eradicate your squirrel issue in the following types of buildings:

  • Homes
  • Apartments
  • Golf Courses
  • Farms
  • Schools
  • Commercial Buildings

Are you wondering if we’re near you? We can help you with squirrel control as well as squirrel removal in NH. Give us a call if you are in need help with squirrel removal MA or squirrel removal NH In New Hampshire, we can help in the following areas:

  • Nashua, NH
  • Concord, NH
  • Merrimack, NH
  • Portsmouth, NH
  • Salem, NH
  • Manchester, NH
  • Sandown, NH
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Flying Squirrel Removal

Just like your typical gray squirrel, flying squirrels can also wreak havoc on your home. Give a flying squirrel an inch and it will take a mile when it comes to roosting in your attic, crawl spaces, or walls. Flying squirrels are quick to invite friends and family, as well. Once the gang is all there, flying squirrels will start to chew through anything they can like beams, walls, and most dangerously, electrical wiring. Rodent activities such as these are often the cause of unexplained house fires in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. This is why flying squirrel removal is such an important service at BestWay Wildlife Control.

We offer the best flying squirrel removal and squirrel control. Our squirrel control methods are top-notch. Just ask Alan Cantor:

Chuck, the owner and operator, is wonderfully knowledgeable and helpful. We had a squirrel infestation in our attic — between the roof and the ceiling. Chuck had the family of squirrels humanely trapped and removed within three days or so. He did just what we’d hoped for and he charged the quoted price. Utterly reliable. I highly recommend him and BestWay Wildlife. (And I hope I never need them again!)

What Our Clients Say

  • Nancy Cannon Avatar
    Nancy Cannon

    Chuck and crew have gone above and beyond to help me feel comfortable in my home again. Very responsive... read more

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    Kim Farah

    Extremely knowledgeable and professional! Have used previously and will continue to use. Rates are very reasonable and response... read more

  • Rita Wiechels Avatar
    Rita Wiechels

    I received excellent service from Best Way Wildlife Control. Charles Crowe is honest, and a good teacher.... read more

  • John Maguire Avatar
    John Maguire

    Chuck was very friendly, courteous and knowledgeable concerning my problem, which was groundhogs burrowing in under my shed. Chuck set... read more

  • Susan Belmont Avatar
    Susan Belmont

    We had a squirrel in our attic for almost a week and I finally found Best Wildlife Control to help... read more

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