Don't Live With Unwanted Pets

Schedule wildlife control service in southeastern New Hampshire and northeastern Massachusetts

Wild animals are cute when they're not invading your home. If you're experiencing an invasion from some unwanted guests, turn to BestWay Wildlife Control. Our wildlife control service will take care of any wildlife infestation you may be experiencing in southeastern New Hampshire and northeastern Massachusetts. We're committed to removing the animals in the safest way possible. Take back your home by hiring our team today.

Bat Exclusion

Bat Exclusion

As part of our bat exclusion service, we install one-way doors until all the bats are removed.

Bird Exclusion

Bird Exclusion

Our bird control services will prevent birds from roosting on your home.

Beaver Control

Beaver Control

Let our team handle your beaver removal in Sandown, NH.

Attic Restoration

Attic Restoration

If animals destroyed your attic recently, schedule attic restoration service.

We're committed to you

Our wildlife control company is dedicated to solving your animal infestation problems. We have a threefold commitment to our clients that we've upheld for our 10+ years in business. We promise that we'll:


Remove wildlife as safely as possible


Minimize harm to the animal and your property


Educate you on the best way to secure your property

You can count on us to get the job done right the first time. To learn more about our sustainable beaver solutions and wildlife control service, call 603-425-4250 now.

Our team can remove any type of wildlife

When your house becomes a home to more than just your family members, you want to remove the unwanted visitors ASAP. Our wildlife control service is exactly what you need. We can safely remove:

Bats | Beavers | Birds

Turn to our team when a wild animal forces itself into your home. Contact us today to schedule wildlife control service. We also offer 24-hour emergency wildlife removal for your convenience.