Do You Have a Beaver Problem?

We'll fix that through our beaver removal service in southeastern New Hampshire and northeastern Massachusetts

Beavers can be a pain and completely alter the flow of water on your property. Don't let beavers control your ponds in Sandown, Derry, Manchester & Nashua, NH. BestWay Wildlife Control can install fixtures and levers to prevent beavers from building a damn in inconvenient locations.We'll make sure beavers don't make their home on your property, and if all else fails we'll remove them.

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beaver removal sandown nh

Stay in control of your water levels

Beavers can become a nuisance when they affect the level of water in your pond. The tools we use include:

Pond leveling devices
Breach pipes
Beaver deceivers

A beaver deceiver is a device that allows water to continue to flow and prevents beavers from building a dam. They'll get frustrated and find somewhere else to live. Call 603-425-4250 now to learn more about our pond leveling and beaver removal process.