Are Squirrels Turning Your House Into a Nest?

Set up professional squirrel removal services in southeastern New Hampshire or northeastern Massachusetts

Squirrels might be outdoor animals, but they still want a warm place to spend the winter. This often leads them into homes, where they can cause all kinds of problems. If you've noticed squirrels trying to make a house out of your attic or crawl space, contact BestWay Wildlife Control in Sandown, NH.

Our pest removal expert will locate any and every squirrel and remove it for you. We can also examine your home to find and fix vulnerabilities so you don't end up with more squirrel problems down the road. Make an appointment for squirrel exclusion services by contacting us now.

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Should you get rid of squirrels?

You might think squirrels are cute and innocent enough. But they can cause a variety of problems for your home. Get rid of your squirrel problem because they…

  • Could destroy your personal belongings
  • Can chew through your roofing system, vents, insulation and wiring
  • Might make holes in your roofing system that lead to leaks or pest infestations

You’ll also want to protect your family from potential diseases these pests might be carrying. Show squirrels the door by calling us at 603-425-4250 today.