Don't Let Racoons Invade Your Home

Call us for racoon exclusion services in southeastern New Hampshire or northeastern Massachusetts

Racoons are tough pests to get rid of. They're smart, determined and crafty. But you don't have to worry if you have a racoon problem. BestWay Wildlife Control is an experienced wildlife control company in Sandown, NH that will outwit your racoon.

We'll find the animal and carefully remove it to avoid causing additional problems for your home or family. Once the animal is gone, we'll help you take steps to avoid repeat problems in the future. Contact us today to arrange for racoon removal services.

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Why you should hire a pro

Racoons aren’t very big, so you might think you can grab it and get rid of it yourself. Make sure you hire a professional to get rid of your racoon because it…

  • May become extremely aggressive and fight back when cornered
  • Could be carrying rabies, causing you serious illness if it bites you
  • Might tear up your home as it flees in panic if you fail to capture it on the first try

Don’t risk making the problem even bigger. Call 603-425-4250 for professional racoon removal services.