I just finished a beaver job in Dunstable, Mass.  I was trapping a wet meadow.  The beavers were flooding the culvert running under the road.

Road work is scheduled for next week and the work could not take place with the road being under water.

The  wet meadow was at one time a swamp/marsh.  The swamp is drained by a series of ditches.  The ditches are dug in a grid pattern.

The goal of the wet meadow is pasture for the cattle.   This wet meadow was created prior today’s conservation committee.

The wet meadow is no longer a meadow but, a jungle.  I felt I was in the Everglades chasing nuisance beavers.  Well, I had another nuisance to deal with snapping turtles.

I ended catching more snapping turtles than beavers



20 lbs. snapper